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Welcome to The NMSU Wesley Foundation!

Here at Wesley, we practice 'Open Doors, Open Hearts, and Open minds'. We are the NMSU and DACC campus Methodist ministry, offering many uplifting activities and services to our students throughout the week. We strive to be an encouraging and safe place for students to grow in their faith, create longtime friendships, and serve God to the best of their ability. And, we have free coffee every day of the week!


About NMSU Wesley

What We Do!

The NMSU Wesley Foundation is lovingly supported by our New Mexico Conference, NMSU Alumni, and many faithful church members! We are here to offer a safe and open place for college students to feel accepted and cared for in this next step into adulthood.
Our mission is to meet students where they are at, love, and grow our students into their best selves in this transitional time in their lives.
We encourage them to explore their talents, get connected, learn more about themselves, and give positive guidance through this testing time in life! We aim to excite students to participate and engage in faith based activities, fully immerse themselves into religious outreach services geared toward college age people, be motivated, and be confident in taking charge of their own beliefs and abilities. 
Here at Wesley, there are so many awesome things that happen throughout the year! Events such as Christmas celebrations, worship services and studies, karaoke and game nights every semester, summer mission trips serving our communities here in New Mexico and beyond! We even have an amazing prayer and study room for student academic and meditative purposes. We attend student leadership conferences, host Youth Sundays, host Sunday services at our local churches, commemorate our graduates with their own celebration. Host our annual middle school camp in springtime called R.O.C. (Rhythm of Christ) that we provide in Sacramento, New Mexico, to engage our youth in amazing worship, listen to awesome speakers, play lots games, and most of all; grow our middle schoolers in their faith!
There are so many things to look forward to in being connected to Wesley. To be involved in Wesley, you don't need anything other than love for our students, feel free to make an appointment to come check us out, meet the students, our director, and see what we've been up to!


Opening Hours

Available by phone call:
Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: by app. only.
Sunday: 5pm - 9pm


Weekly Services

Sunday Worship

5 pm       
(Awesome worship, friends, & a homemade meal after.)

Wednesday Worship

6 pm

('Pause and take some time to relax and connect with God' through our non-traditional, all sensory mid-week service.)

Coffee & Convo's

Thursdays, 6pm @ Milagros Coffee Shop

(Made for women, by women! For women to encourage one another! And a free cup of coffee!)

Holy Yoga

Friday @ 5 pm

(A calming time to recenter, with some Prayer, Meditation, and Yoga! No experience needed, and no judgement!) 

Game Night

 Friday, 6-7 pm

(check our calendar for upcoming dates!)


Meet Our Team


Beth Simpson

Interim Director

We would like to welcome Beth to our ministry here at Wesley, as our new Interim Director! She has come to us with an open heart and lots of love! And she is with us in just the best time! We look forward to getting to know her, and learn so many new things with her this semester!

Alexis Gallegos


A part of Wesley since 2012 and working for Wesley since 2014. Alexis is responsible for all of the behind the scenes action that goes on here. She designs our t-shirts and welcome boards, helps to plan events, and much more. She is a lovely lady and will help you with anything you need to be done around Wesley.

Chris Cramer

Worship Leader

As a student and strong leader in faith and worship, Chris is someone awesome to get to know. He's funny, fun and just a pretty awesome dude. Not only does he lead worship through faith, but he's also lead guitar and vocals in the Wesley praise band. Come get spiritually uplifted, filled with prayer, and the holy spirit at worship service lead by Chris!

Crystal & Felicia

Student Facility Interns

Crystal and Felicia are two awesome ladies, who have just been appointed to student Facility Interns! They keep the building nice and tidy, and ready for worship and fun! Give them a big shout out when you see them!

Contact Us

Let us know you’re out there! Contact Foundation Wesley today.

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How to Support The Students

NMSU Wesley is funded in a variety of ways:

The New Mexico Annual Conference, Church donation, and fellow church members and Wesley Alumni donations.

We also have several fundraisers throughout the year; Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, and our Annual Fellowship Dinner.

Ways you can bless this ministry:

~ Your faithful prayer.

~ Donate your time and service. Your presence is excitedly welcomed!

~ Make a financial donation/ Monthly, or onetime donations, all are welcome!

~ Donating from our Amazon Wishlist. (Click Here)

~ Disciple a student, with our 'God Parent Ministry!'

We greatly appreciate all your loving support, big and small! It blesses the students immensely!

God bless!


Great Crimson '88

Mission to Ministry Opportunity

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 The NMSU Wesley Foundation invites you to prayerfully consider becoming a part of our legacy, by committing to be a supporter of our GREAT CRIMSON '88 Fundraising Mission. Our hope is to continue to be a refreshing and vital ministry here at our New Mexico State campus for many years to come.

By joining the Great Crimson '88 Mission Campaign, you are making a commitment to a recurring monthly donation of $25, or a one-time annual gift of $300. Of which is a tax deductible donation, for supporting our nonprofit religious organization.  

Your contribution commemorates the founding year of New Mexico State University, 1888; and will be allocated to support Wesley in the following way: 

$1 Savings (Endowment)

$8 Facility/ Maintenance 

$8 Missions & Service

$8 Programming & Outreach

As a Great Crimson '88 Mission supporter, you will be continuously in our prayers, you will receive updates on what Wesley is up to, in form of an annual newsletter, and emails twice a year to let you know of how much of a difference your faithful gift is making here at our Wesley college ministry. We thank you GREATLY for your support! 

God bless!